You get home, it is 5:30pm on a Wednesday, you're hot, you're exhausted, you've had a long day dealing with customer complaints, phone calls, and you're either sick of sitting at a desk or standing all day long.. you kick off your shoes and flop straight down onto your large black sofa right in front of the Tv. Still in work uniform you whip out your phone from your left pocket, it's full of messages since you can't let your boss catch you on your phone at work or you'll get fired, or get sent to the back room for a 'discussion', and nobody has time for that, so you flick through a few of those unread messages, pretend to reply and jump straight on Facebook. You read a few cringe worthy statuses, comment a "lol" and then scroll over to Instagram. Time begins to pass by quickly when suddenly you look up and realise you've been on your phone for over an hour scrolling through images of models in bikinis on beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets and you've been admiring a life that is definitely not yours, where you could lye on a warm beach with sand between your footprints, indulging in a lemonade ice block and sipping some fine whine at a local beach club.. You can't tell me this hasn't been you, at least once? or perhaps even everyday?.. shh, i won't tell. But instead of spending hours upon hours admiring a life you wish you lived, grab a plane ticket and get to AUSTRALIA! Trust me, buy those tickets now, imagine the things you could see, do, where you could eat, sleep, explore.. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!!

Gold Coast Australia, A home among the Gum Trees